Advancing Christ's Kingdom

here at lifespring city church, we are all about

we desire to see jesus 
glorified in our worship

We are a company of people that desire to see Jesus glorified through our worship. We are a people that desire to displace darkness and shift atmospheres through our worship and create an atmosphere for the supernatural to flourish. We choose to honor and cultivate God's gifts in each individual. We believe we worship Him in all we do and put our hands to. It is our desire to inspire individuals to seek God in their personal time, step into their gifts and move in authority, power and faith. 

we desire to heal the entire person from the inside out.

We desire to heal the entire person from the inside out. We offer deliverance, and inner healing ministries. We acknowledge our Hebraic roots. We also move in prophetic worship. We are a prophecy church that prophesies and brings forth the prophetic words from God. We desire to impact our families, city, state, and region with the purposes of God. 

we desire that worshippers of jesus come together.

Our Apostolic Heart is to see the character of Christ formed in all believers; to establish a culture of freedom for Holy Spirit and empowered living; to equip individuals to walk in the fullness of their calling and to commission all generations for His Kingdom advancement. We desire that worshippers of Jesus to come together AS ONE, and declare the merging together of the "Spirit and the Word … the King with His Bride … Heaven with earth."

LifeSpring Church started as a home church in Hamilton, NJ in 1994. We are a spirit-filled Church that desires to encounter the presence of God in our worship, to honor Him, and to see His Kingdom invade our meetings and the earth realm through healings, signs and wonders. We see worship as integral part of meeting with the Lord, and therefore put a great priority on it here at LifeSpring. We desire to bring the love of God to those that cannot get to church by bringing our church body to Project Freedom once a month.

We desire to see each individual understand their worth and be awakened to their gifts and talents. We desire to equip them to grow and give each individual a platform to express those gifts and talents in confidence. We have bi-weekly Bible studies, Men’s fellowships, Ladies Fellowship, and Intercessory Prayer. Personal Prayer/Deliverance ministry is done by appointments. 

we are a spirit filled church,
desiring to encounter god.

about lifespring city church

LifeSpring Church's covering and alignment come from John and Sheryl Price of His Hands Ministries and Chuck Pierce at Glory of Zion.

Courses are offered through out the year in Practical Ministry, in Deliverance, Prophecy, Healings, Marketplace Ministry and Spiritual Growth. 
We also know that there are those that need additional Help - We are partnered with LIFE FOCUS CENTER - a counseling ministry that offers individual and group counseling.