Sivan 5784

Welcome to the new Hebrew Month of Sivan!!

The month of Sivan is when we:
● Celebrate Pentecost
● Receive New Boundaries
● Connect our Walk to our Talk
● Receive Mercy for Completion
● Review our Giving Process
● Wedding Month

Pentecost celebrates the physical provision (firstfruits of the wheat harvest),
the provision of the Torah at Mt Sinai,
as well as the provision of revelation & Holy Spirit on the day of 

Declare that this month you will begin to see
your abundant provision in every area
of your life!

Sivan is linked to the tribe of Zebulun who are known for their ability and anointing to create wealth in the marketplace. Giving is a key factor this month.
Sivan is the month where we see the Lord give the Torah on Mt Sinai,

and give the gift of Holy Spirit in the book of Acts.
It’s also when we see Israel give firstfruits of the wheat harvest.
Review your giving process this month so you can receive new boundaries!
The Lord wants us to learn His prosperity principles.

Take this time to press into the Lord. Ask Him for wisdom & new strategies.
There are things God is wanting to do in the earth, that He has planned and predestined for you!
Isaiah 48:17 says “I Am the Lord who teaches you to profit;
who leads you in the way you should go.”

Decree that the Lord Himself is teaching you how to profit! He is giving seed to the
sower, and provision for the harvest! Ask the Lord for wisdom on WHERE to sow,
HOW to sow, and WHAT to sow - SO that you can reap a full harvest!

Sivan is also a month linked with Alignment and Mercy. Israel went through testing because Miriam and Aaron were not properly aligned with Moses.
Miriam got leprosy, and the whole camp had to stop moving for 7 days.

But the Lord gave her the opportunity to shift into proper alignment.
It is important to look at how you're aligned this month and then make any necessary shifts to ensure your movement forward.

Declare that you are moving forward and going from strength to strength!

The letter associated with this month is the letter Zayin which is the picture of an ax or
weapon. Malachi 4:4 gives us a key for connecting our walk to our talk this month. When
written in Hebrew the Zayin is oversized in this verse,
which implies extra importance or extra weight on that particular word.
The word in question here is the word law -
“Remember the law (Torah) of my servant Moses that I gave him…”

Since Zayin represents a weapon of the Spirit, the extra large Zayin
would imply that remembering the Torah (the Word of God)
is an extra large weapon available to us!

That’s why this month it is very important to connect our walk to our talk. (Prov 10:9)
What you are decreeing HAS to connect with what you are walking.
Many people make decrees but then never walk them out.

Decree that you will war with the Word, and that you would walk
about in freedom for you have sought His precepts!” (Ps 119:45)

The Book of Ruth & Song of Solomon are both great books to read during this time.
Together they pretty much sum up the month of Sivan. One has to do with alignment &
abundant provision and the other about extravagant love!

Sivan is also known as the wedding month.
As we press into Pentecost this month and study the wedding month.. It is interesting to
note that ancient Jewish culture had what was called “the day of the Matan” (the day of the gift)
Between the engagement and the wedding itself,
the groom would return back to his home to begin preparations for his wife.

But he would send his wife a “matan” or bridal gift.
It was meant to remind her during their days of separation of his love for her,
that he was thinking of her - and was coming back to receive her as his wife.
This gift was always something that would beautify her,
strengthen her, and assure her that he was returning!

In Luke 24 and Acts 1 we see a similar thing.. Jesus tells the disciples to go to Jerusalem
and wait for the promise from the Father.. then on Pentecost the “gift” of Holy Spirit is
given!! The Lord has given us (the bride of Christ) Holy Spirit as a “Matan” a wedding gift!
As a promise of His love for us, and a helper while He is preparing room for us (John 14:2)
to empower us (Acts 1:8) teaches us (Luke 12:12) and testify of Jesus (John 16:12) to
beautify us (Gal 5:22) and fill us with hope and peace! (Rom 15:13)

Press into these promises this month!

Ask the Lord for a new revelation of His love for you, and then EXPECT Holy Spirit to show

All information in this Firstfruits Recap for the month of Iyar, whether a direct quote or paraphrase, has been taken from the book, “A Time to Advance,” by Chuck D. Pierce and Robert and Linda Heidler and “His Appointed Times,” by Christine Vales.

we are now celebrating the hebraic

know the times and the seasons