Key Characteristics:

● Repentance / Redemption
● Beginning of Miracles 
● Month to watch your Speech 
● Season of New Life / Breath
● A Time to watch what your "sowing" into the year

Originally the Hebrew year started in the month of Tishri, but when God initiated Passover, He put Israel into a new yearly cycle of redemption and now commanded that Nissan be the head of the months (Ex 12:2) As the “first” of months.

“Firsts” always set the standard for us, this is a month that sets the course for your future!

Nissan is also our “Passover” month when we fully cross into the new season, we are standing at our promised land and preparing to enter a new season of inheritance. Allow the Lord to deliver you from every hindrance that would keep you from entering your place of fulfillment!
The Hebrew letter for this month is “Hei” which pictures breath, wind, praise. We see this one of the Hebrew words for spring that is also the word for ‘repentance.” Spring is a beautiful picture of repentance as you come out of a dead winter season and positioning yourself to bring forth new life and to flourish. 

New breath, new life, it’s a time of fresh beginnings. All of creation declares the work of the Lord, we read in Gen 1:14 that the stars and moon are for signs and seasons. and even in this month of Passover we see (what the world calls aries)
is really a picture of the Passover Lamb.

It’s like the Lord is shouting out ‘this is where I want you to start.. with MY New Breath in you, MY New Life in you, with MY Blood covering over you! The Lord wants us to come to that place of repentance & redemption, where we can be redeemed, refreshed and renewed! 

Every month is linked with an understanding of the 12 tribes. This month is linked with the tribe of Judah - the apostolic leadership, a warring tribe who knew how to operate with sound! 
This is a key time to PRAISE!

As He’s calling us to move forward with praise on our lips, there’s a tendency where we might want to complain. We see that the Israelites when they were traveling - they were known as grumblers and complainers. But the name “Jew” actually comes from the word “Judah'' which means to praise. The Lord is calling those of His tribe to be known as a people of Praise!

In the Hebraic perspective Judah also means to “cast a smooth stone at the enemy” and is linked with justice. Like David when we went out to war against the giant in the land - allow this to be a season when you war for your covenant promises!

See Judah was known as the tribe of praise, but we see in scripture that they were also a warfare tribe! All throughout the Psalms we find the correlation of worship and war!

Do not hesitate to loose a sound of praise that will break you into a new dimension of victory and wholeness.

The word Nissan itself actually means “miracles.” So when we are redeemed by Him, moving forward and praising Him, we are properly positioning ourselves, so that the miracles the Lord wants to give us can manifest.

ARISE with faith, DECLARE that the power of the Blood of Jesus has set you free, and KNOW that your path of healing and miracles is now before you! 

Nissan is also closely associated with our speech, If you are making negative confessions during Nissan, it will cause negative confessions to be planted in you.
Keep your atmosphere positioned and primed for Miracles!

This is the time to consider where you are positioned. Now is the time to set things right for the coming season. Pray and ask the Lord to give you strategies to rightly align these times.

Redemption means that a price has been paid for you which unlocks every prison door that has held you captive. Be sure to ask God to show you how to enter into His fully redemptive plan for your life. 

Make a list of your prison doors and DECLARE that you are OPENING and PASSING THRU each one!

All information in this Firstfruits Recap on the month of Adar, whether a direct quote or paraphrase, has been taken from the book, “A Time to Advance, Chuck Pierce and King of Kings

we are now celebrating the hebraic

know the times and the seasons